About Us

Welcome to Manx Thrive Society! We are a Community Benefit Society based on the Isle of Man, dedicated to building a more sustainable and inclusive community.

Our society is centered around Thrive Farms, a community farm run by a farm manager, but the volunteers are the back bone that help the farm Thrive.

At Manx Thrive Society, we believe in the power of community collaboration and mutual support. We use time banking software Tol2 to manage our volunteer procedures, allowing members to contribute their time and skills in exchange for time credits, which can then be used to access goods from the farm for a discounted price or services provided by other members of the society.

We strive to promote individual and community freedom while encouraging self and community responsibility. This approach allows for a more supportive community where everyone is empowered to take ownership of their lives and contribute to the well-being of the community.

We are also dedicated to creating an island network of local producers, providing a platform for local businesses to sell their products, and building a stronger and more resilient local economy. Our website not only allows members to order vegetable boxes but also gives them the option to purchase other local products, creating a network of producers that support each other.

If you’re inspired by our mission and values, we invite you to join us in building a stronger, and more sustainable community on the Isle of Man. You can become a member of the society, volunteer your time and skills, or support local producers by ordering products through our website or taking the trip to local markets to support local businesses.

Thank you for visiting Manx Thrive Society. Together, we can make a positive impact on the Isle of Man.

Our Values

  • Community
  • Personal responsibility
  • Community responsibility
  • Integrity
  • Democracy
  • Transparency
  • Trust
  • Sustainability
  • Truth
  • Environmental awareness
  • Caring for each other

Any profits made by Manx Thrive Society will remain within the society. The decision on what to do with these funds is to be decided by the members. No directors or individuals will receive any dividends. Manx Thrive Society will however employ full time staff where needed and possible.

Contact Us –

Email – manxthrivesociety@protonmail.com

Phone number – 07624341038