Council of Elders

Hi, my name is Elliott Cureton, I am originally from Liverpool, as proud as I am to be a scouser, the Isle of Man has moulded me into the person I am today, so I truly love this Island and I want to see everyone here Thrive. I am the founder of Thrive Farms, which has now evolved into Manx Thrive Society. I see the Isle of Man as the perfect place to have a self sustainable community. With so many great people with a range of skillsets, I believe Manx Thrive Society can make that happen.

Robin here, I have begun developing my green fingers over the years and know the merits of collaboration in this literal field. I see MTS having many benefits for the community particularly individual and communal wellbeing. I am a health practitioner with around 20 years experience of working with people. I can therefore see that it is what we do in our lives that gives us the most meaningful balance. Bringing people together on a shared mission to provide food for our tables, for me is where the action is at

Hi, my name is Kerry and I’m honoured to be a councillor of elders member for Manx Thrive Society. I love the Isle of Man and I believe that, if we work together to nourish and nurture this environment it will provide the same in return. Manx Thrive Society is the perfect solution for this. An opportunity to create happy, healthy, self sustainable communities.

I’m Janet, In 2004 I was part of a small group of like minded people that set up the Manx Organic Network and chaired the organization until it closed in 2016. We were instrumental in raising awareness of organic growing and farming and succeeded in persuading the Manx Government to provide grants for farmers wishing to convert to organic, achieving organic status for the Abattoir and 2 Manx butchers so that for the first time Manx organic status went from field to fork. In 2009 to 2020 I was commissioned to set up and run a project from scratch which resulted in the Hub in Port Erin, a community facility, open to all, that provided a time table of daily activities to help alleviate isolation and loneliness. I was responsible for the timetable of activities, promotion, budgets, volunteers and fund raising. Those roles have given me valuable experience in set up, management, sustainability and committees. I am delighted to be part of Thrive, a positive step forward for community cohesion and a framework that can connect people into stronger communities that listen to each other, make changes that count and move forward together.

I am very excited at being part of Manx Thrive Society, its been a journey to get to this point , but it’s wonderful to see its growth over the past few years .
Being part of an idea and seeing it flourish is beautiful.
it’s been a journey looking at ways to set Manx thrive up , many ideas looked into and then abandoned, and it will be an ever evolving project. With more members joining , we will have new ideas , there are so many area’s we want to expand into , but the farm and yummy food is such a wonderful place to start .
As a holistic practitioner amd nutritionist , food is of the utmost importance to our health “we are what we eat ” after all, so having clean food from clean soil which is local , that has no chemicals sprayed using natural farming methods to grow our food is such a joy and is helping us heal our bodies as well as being bigger, better and taste fabulous
I loved being up at the farm last year , it was so therapeutic, I would take my socks and shoes off while hoeing ( its not a requirement! ) and , getting our feet on the earth is a health benefit , research shows that , feet in the soil walking on the grass is very grounding, calms the nervous system , helps to empty the mind and so much more . My mind did quieten I would be totally in the moment, I would leave smiling, and singing in the car ! connecting with others is also important for out health and what a great way to meet like minded people than growing food together.
Another important factor with eating local food , if eaten as soon after picking it will contain its chi or lifeforce energy which we as the consumer will benefit from , every thing is energy and this aliveness in our food does not travel , so supermarket food is often picked before ripe and travels sometimes great distances, then cold storage etc before it reaches us and often force ripened, that’s before we even mention the pesticides and long life sprays etc . so remember the food you help grow is pure organic seeds , clean soil, picked when ripe and you have this delicious, nutritional rich food in your kitchen within a day or so of being picked rich in goodness and taste .
Our intention is to create a community, grow our own , and this year start to supply to others , through the markets and box scheme ,.
We look forward to more people joining us, the more we come together the more we can accomplish .
My moto as a therapist has always been helping you help yourself Rosemary x